About Us

"The style of the sixties by Classic Racing School"

Welcome to the Classic Racing School store, allowing you to acquire parts from our automotive universe.

Jackets, watches, shirts, glasses, t-shirts, racing suits, photo books... Our online store reflects our passion for motor racing with a range of original and quality products. Our collections include unique, carefully selected items, including some specific to our brand that you won't be able to find elsewhere.

We offer a diverse selection of clothing and accessories, designed for the racing enthusiast and the style associated with it. In partnership with recognized brands such as 8JS, YEMA, BRETT, OMP and GT2I, we ensure to provide items that embody the spirit of classic motorsport.

Beyond our collection of products, we are proud to offer exceptional driving courses. Our customers have the unique opportunity to drive our vintage single-seaters on the legendary Charade Circuit, offering an authentic and exciting driving experience. Perhaps you are already part of it.

At Classic Racing School, whether through our products or our driving experiences, we celebrate the heritage of motor racing, and we are committed to providing a unique experience to each of our customers.

Join us for an adventure where tradition and passion meet.

Enjoy your visit, and enjoy yourself!